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Hey! I'm Neel Patel.

I'm a freshman at Harvard, where I study computer science.

I love programming, surfing, and Chipotle.

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About me

I was born in sunny Orlando, Florida, and I attended Oviedo High School before coming to Harvard.

I've always loved technology and creating products that make people say "wow." I was once heavily involved in research, but I've shifted my interests to entrepreneurship lately.

I'm a huge fan of water - I was part of varsity swimming and water polo teams, and I've been surfing since I was 8. Click here to learn more about me »


I'm currently working on:
A location-based social network; soft-launching this month.
A platform for brick-and-mortar stores to connect to in-store customers. Long Term Resident, Harvard Innovation Lab.
Developing algorithms lightweight and intuitive enough to summarize in real time.
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My research has focused on innovative human-computer interfaces as well as data analysis.

My HCI research was on sonifications, or using non-speech sound to represent data. I studied how humans comprehend sonifications, drawing on fields from computer science to cognitive psychology.

In the past, I've researched topics including automated essay grading and heuristics for identifying emotional content in speech. Click here to learn more about my research »